Where can I find recipes/nutrition plans?

Intermittent fasting works even without special recipes and nutrition plans. For ideas and suggestions you can exchange ideas with other BodyFasters in our Facebook group.

How much should I drink?

In the literature, 30-40 ml of fluid per kilogram (0.5-1 fl. oz per lb) of body weight is recommended. With physical activity and high temperatures etc. it can be more. …

What is the best way to break my fast?

We recommend a light, low-sugar meal, especially after longer fasting periods (> 24h). Fruit, vegetables, lean meat, fish, shakes, broth, soup, etc. get most people well. Try different things to …

How do I put together a healthy meal?

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be a science. Here is a guide for appropriate portion sizes and more intuitive eating habits: Eat a palm-sized serving of protein-rich foods (meat, eggs, …

When should I eat?

At mealtimes, there are no rules. You are free to choose when to eat. Pay attention to your natural hunger and your body.