Why It Is Particularly Important For Your Intermittent Fasting Success To Drink Enough Water

Drinking enough water is so important!

Drinking enough water is so important! We need H2O not only for our health, but also to lose weight successfully. Otherwise, we might hit a plateau. Learn more about the role of water in your body, how much you should drink and how you can improve with our BodyFast water tracker.


Why Is Water Important?

Water plays an exceptionally important role inside the body. More than 50% of our body consists of water! The saying holds true: Water is life.

Water has many different functions inside your body. It…

    • serves as a means of transport,
    • removes waste products and toxins,
    • transports nutrients to the cells,
    • regulates the body temperature,
    • keeps the mucous membranes moist as a protective barrier against pathogens
    • promotes cell growth and
    • provides for important metabolic processes.

Without sufficient water inside the body, everything becomes more difficult – whether it is about health or losing weight. In short: If you drink enough, everything simply works much better!


How Much Water Should I Drink?

It is really fascinating how many people wonder about stagnation and drink far too little! According to studies, only six out of ten women manage to meet the minimum requirement for liquids. Among men, there are only a few more.

For your information: Every day we lose an average of 70 to 100 fl. oz. (2-3 liters) of water – through breathing, sweating, going to the toilet, etc. We compensate only for a small part of this through the liquid in our food. But by far not all of it!

85 fl. oz (2.5 l) per day as a guideline

Especially when doing intermittent fasting, a well hydrated body (meaning drinking more than the minimum amount!) is an important key to success!

That is why you should pay attention to drink at least 85 fl. oz (2.5 liters) a day. Another way to determine the required amount is to drink according to your body weight. Experts recommend to drink 0.5-1 fl. oz. per pound (30-40 milliliters per kilogram) of body weight.

Of course, this only serves as a basis. If it’s hot outside, you’re physically active and so on, it requires even more! Drinking too much is something very few people “manage”.

 If you spread your fluid intake evenly throughout the day, nothing can actually go wrong.


Tips For Drinking More Water

Many find it difficult to drink enough water. This can have many different reasons:

    • They are not thirsty.
    • Water does not “taste” good.
    • They “forget” to drink

Here we go with some tips on how to finally manage to drink enough:

    1. Start with a big glass of water right after getting up in the morning. This sets the foundation for the day!
    2. Always place a bottle of water or a pot of tea within reach and drink in between. And if you feel hungry, a big sip is a nice and quick measure that works wonderfully.
    3. For more variety even while fasting, add a few slices of cucumber, lemon, ginger and others, or a few leaves of mint, for example.

In order not to interrupt autophagy, you should avoid juice and other sweetened drinks. But if you don’t squeeze the fruit and of course don’t eat it, the fructose will remain in the cell matrix and the body won’t absorb the sugar. You’ll remain in fasting mode and can then enjoy the vitamins in your eating window.


Our BodyFast Water Tracker Will Help You!

Get your personal recommendation on how much water you should drink.

Drinking enough water is so important! To support you even better, we have added a new function to your BodyFast app: the water tracker! Reminders will follow very soon!

The best thing about it: You get your personal recommendation how much you should drink as a minimum. The app automatically calculates the amount based on your entries!

You can find the new water tracker in the “Me”-tab. Simply customize the daily target and glass size to your needs, add your drinks with a single tap and let your figure cheer!

It has never been easier to drink enough water!

With the Coach, your personal plan and motivating weekly challenges, you will build even more new routines for your well-being.

Do it for your goals! Do it for your health! Do it for yourself!







2 thoughts on “Why It Is Particularly Important For Your Intermittent Fasting Success To Drink Enough Water

  1. Donna Reply

    My problem is my nephrologist says no more than 64 oz. per day! I had kidneys that were shutting down last August, had to go into the hospital. That was SCARY!

    • Jenny M. Post authorReply

      Hi Donna,

      We are sorry to hear that! Our recommendations go for people without pre-existing conditions.
      Everyone else of course needs to speak to his/her doctor first and follow the advice provided bei him/her.

      All the best for you!

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