5 Ways to Overcome a Weight Loss Plateau With Intermittent Fasting


Nearly everyone hits a weight loss plateau sooner or later – even when doing intermittent fasting.

You haven’t changed anything in your practice? That could be the reason…


Here are the best tips if your weight stagnates or you want to prevent a plateau:


1. Drink enough and the right stuff

  • Many people underestimate the calories in juice, soda and other drinks.
  • Water should be your first choice: at least 2.5 liters (85 oz.) a day. Here you’ll find the best tips to stay hydrated.

2. Balanced diet

  • Meals with lots of protein and fiber keep you satiated longer and support fat burning and digestion.
  • Also, include a day of low-carb meals two or three times a week.

3. Increase physical activity in your everyday life

  • Walk at least 10,000 steps a day.
  • Do a form of exercise you enjoy. Try something new.
  • One big advantage is that working out helps build muscles and reduce stress. Both are important factors in losing weight.

4. Weigh and measure yourself correctly

  • Step on the scales no more than once a week.
  • Measure your body circumferences. Don’t get confused by short-term weight fluctuations! Those are often caused by changes in the water balance. Read more about this topic here.

5. Vary your fasting plan

  • The success of our Coach Journeys is obvious: On the one hand, the fasting plans are adapted to your progress. On the other hand, the variety in the fasting plans makes THE difference. This way you avoid habituation effects and thus stagnation.
  • Important to know: Our bodies are naturally designed to work as efficiently as possible. That is, they always try to create some kind of balance. Therefore, they need new stimuli. That’s how you push your body out of its comfort zone.


This is how you overcome weight loss stagnation and succeed with intermittent fasting.

Stay calm: Weight graphs are rarely linear, but often have an undulating downward trend.

Think big: Don’t focus on how hard it is, but look at your journey as a whole. This way, even a plateau will seem like a challenge that you can only learn from.

Always remember: Your body is not a machine. Have some patience, keep at it, you’re on the right track!

Did you know? With the BodyFast Coach, you’ll fast even more effectively thanks to a personalized fasting program. And numbers show: You’ll reach your goals up to 30% faster!



2 thoughts on “5 Ways to Overcome a Weight Loss Plateau With Intermittent Fasting

  1. TERRIe Page Reply

    Been on plateau for 3 weeks now
    It is a bit depressing but trying a Warrior Week this week
    In saying that I feel a lot lighter around my middle last couple of weeks and jeans are lot easier to put on
    And feel great😁

    • Valerie Dratwa Reply

      Hello Terrie,
      thank you for sharing your success with us. It is great to hear that you already achieved some results! 🙂
      Don’t be discouraged by your plateau – this is a normal thing that can happen to everyone.
      As you already mentioned, also take a look at your measurement to track your real progress. Most of the time they are a better indicator for your success. Also pay attention to all the other benefits (skin, sleep, energy, etc.) coming with fasting, you’re so much more than just a number
      We wish you all the best and happy BodyFasting! 🙂

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