How do I endure the hunger?

Many people think that intermittent fasting will result in an extreme hunger which is difficult to cope with. But actually, in our surplus society, we only know the bad feeling of falling insulin levels in your blood, a few hours after a meal rich in carbohydrates. The result is a strong feeling of hunger, often interconnected with a bad mood.

Our modern eating habits result in a constantly full insulin depot in our body. It’s no surprise that our body reacts strongly to this unnatural state. We have to teach our body eating habits which it is genetically programmed for since the beginning of humankind.

There is a different feeling of hunger, which starts slowly with the emptying of our energy reserves. The body starts to be more balanced and flexible and does not scream “hunger” in every longer period without a meal. You are more “clear” and experience your body in a more natural way. You get in the “mood” for eating and will be even more satisfied after your meal. That’s the natural feeling of hunger which your body learns again with intermittent fasting.

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