Why is fasting with the Coach more effective than with standard plans?

The more individually a plan is created for you, your body and your current progress, the more effective it is. Furthermore, a new plan is a new stimulus every week. That has two big advantages:

1. Your body will not get used to one fasting method over time. That’s how a method can become ineffective. Our primordial eating habits weren’t based on the same fasting period every day. We are genetically programmed for ever-changing fasting and eating times. This can have a great effect on your health.

2. Your motivation will stay high. If we have no variation we are likely to fall back into old habits and lose interest.

On top of that, the Coach will create weekly challenges for you, e.g. in the areas of physical exercise (going for a walk, using the stairs instead of the escalator, etc.). You are confronted with new stimuli every week, feel the progress, lose weight and have lots of fun during the experience.

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