How much does the Coach cost?

You can subscribe to the Coach on a monthly basis, you can choose from different lengths of time.

You can see the exact prices in the Coach tab of the App. The longer your subscription is, the cheaper the Coach is.

4 thoughts on “How much does the Coach cost?

    • Svenja Taubert Reply

      Il download dell’applicazione è gratuito. Solo l’abbonamento Coach avrà un costo. Troverete il prezzo per la vostra regione nell’applicazione nella scheda Coach prima dell’acquisto. Il prezzo dell’applicazione varia a seconda del piano scelto (3/6/12 mesi).

      • Daniela Brenk Reply

        Ich möchte das abo stornieren. Ich habe es aus versehen bestellt und außerdem Besuch ich den Coach nicht. Wie bekomme ich mein Geld zurück? Es würde Google per PayPal überwiesen. Danke.

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