What is the general idea of intermittent fasting?

The media says the latest trend is interval fasting, or intermittent fasting. Everyone is talking about it, but it’s actually as old as mankind itself. In times long gone, we never had a meal three or four times a day on our table. Our ancestors had to hunt and gather and were active throughout the whole day. They were able to withstand long and frequent periods without food. With Intermittent fasting, therefore, we live by our natural body clock.

The human body is designed for intermittent fasting; our intestines need breaks so they can digest toxins and unhealthy fatty acids. Gut flora recovers during these breaks and metabolism becomes more flexible.

Newcomers to fasting needn’t worry: the body quickly adapts to periods of natural hunger and mobilizes reserves in organ and body tissue. The energy stored in fat tissue can be broken down fast without any need for a constant supply of food. When we eat often, the body “unlearns” this, causing hunger to feel more intense than it does for experienced interval eaters.

If you fast intermittently with BodyFast, you’ll experience no yo-yo effect. The body quickly gets used to the new diet and fasting becomes easier. And since you don’t have to give up food during meal times, you’ll miss nothing. You’ll just feel better and fitter.

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