40 thoughts on “What to do if your scale drives you crazy while doing intermittent fasting

  1. Kelly Risposta

    Glad you are working toward other measures beyond the scale- I feel like a weekly active tracking would be helpful!

    • Svenja Taubert Risposta

      Hi Kelly, thanks for your feedback. 🙂
      We really appreciate feedback from our users and bring all those suggestions to our development meetings.
      I’m sure that we can integrate many of those into future versions of the app.
      We work hard to make BodyFast better and better every day.
      Kind regards, your BodyFast-Team

  2. Karen Rideout Risposta

    Im fasting between 8 pm – 12 pm. I feel as though I NEED my morning coffee though. And I have to have cream and sugar! What do I do?? I have 10 oz of codfee every morning with about 4 tbsp half n half and 2 tablespoons sugar. If I do this ONE bad thing during fasting, how will it effect my success?

    • Stefan Müller Autore articoloRisposta

      Hi Karen, thanks for your comment.

      We don’t recommend putting anything in your coffee. Because by doing so you will break your fast.

      Especially for your transition to the (fat-) metabolism and the health benefits of the autophagy effect it is important to give your system time to rest.

      By consuming calories during your fasting window, you also make it much harder for you mentally, because your body gets teased with energy. Your overall success will suffer, too.

      Our tip💡Find a great fruity filter coffee, switch to tea or simply drink your coffee with milk during your eating window.

      Hope it helps, all the best!

  3. Chantel Risposta

    I am with you Karen! I have to be up around 4 am and so I need the coffee, but I can’t drink it black! Have no clue how I can get this fasting to work for me. I can handle not eating for 16 hours, but not have coffee . . . That’s a big problem!

    • Svenja Taubert Risposta

      Hi Chantel, thanks for your comment. You might try to get used to black coffee although it might be hard at the beginning. Furthermore, you might try alternatives that also contain caffeine like for example black tea.
      Best wishes,
      your BodyFast-Team

  4. Melanie Risposta

    Hallo! Ich mache seit mittlerweile 10 Wochen diese Diät, davon 5 Wochen sogar nur mehr 17/7! Der Erfolg auf der Waage ist leider sehr ernüchternd : 2 kg. Wobei ich sagen muss, dass ich an meiner Kleidung sehr wohl einen deutlichen Unterschied merke. Wie lange wird /kann es noch dauern, bis auch bei mir endlich die Kilos purzeln? Is etwas deprimierend, wenn eine Freundin dasselbe Ergebnis in nur einer Woche schafft.

    • Stefan Müller Autore articoloRisposta

      Hi Melanie,
      Intervallfasten ist keine Diät, sondern nur ein anderer Ernährungsstil. Und der funktioniert offenbar gut bei dir! Denn die Zahl auf der Waage sagt allein wenig aus, der Umfang zählt! Und da scheint sich dein Körper schon schön verändert zu haben. Bleib’ bei dir, schau auf dich und hab etwas Geduld. Es läuft ja, oder?

  5. Cheryl Evans Risposta

    I truly didn’t think I could give up my morning coffee. But I made a commitment to myself on Jan 1 to give 100% to improving my health and I gave myself a timeline to accomplish this. One year. The first week on Bodyfast was fairly easy. I pushed my coffee back 2 hours and I was fine with that. The second week was more challenging but I kept the faith and followed through on my commitment to better health. I did miss my coffee, I won’t lie, but I didn’t break my fast in order to have it. Instead I had black tea. This is my third week. And the challenge is stronger. Again I’m keeping the faith. This week I’m feeling the hunger and not for coffee. I want food. Lol. The best part is I’m learning what hunger really is and when/how my body tells me I’m hungry. Giving up morning coffee is no longer a big deal. Yea. Victory. And I enjoy my single cuppa so much more. It’s now more a treat then a necessity. Looking forward to next week’s challenges.

    • Svenja Taubert Risposta

      Hi Cheryl, thanks for your comment.
      We are happy to hear that IF works for you and that you managed to do without coffee.
      Best wishes and stay motivated,
      your BodyFast-Team

  6. Marijan Risposta

    Hallo ich arbeite als pfläger und habe oft nachtdienst,dann eine tag frei dann wieder spät dienst,wie soll ich dann meine fastzeite reguliren,weil paar tage bin ich nacht wach und dann wieder tagsüber

    • Svenja Taubert Risposta

      Hallo Marijan, danke für deinen Kommentar.

      Es ist tatsächlich oft nicht einfach, Fasten und Schichtarbeit zu vereinbaren.
      Einige unserer Nutzer kriegen das aber ganz gut hin:
      + Hast Du schon einmal probiert, die Fastenzeiten in der App zu verschieben? Das geht nämlich sowohl vor, als auch während der Fastenwoche.
      + Du kannst unter vielen verschiedenen Plänen wählen – vielleicht schaust Du Dir die unterschiedlichen Möglichkeiten einmal an.

      Wir arbeiten aber daran, Schichtarbeit besser zu unterstützen und freuen uns über jede Anregung zum Thema!

      LG, dein BodyFast-Team

  7. Romana Risposta


    Ist Kaffee mit fast fettfreier Milch (0,7% Fett) während des Fastens erlaubt?


    • Svenja Taubert Risposta

      Hallo Ramona, danke für deinen Kommentar!
      Während der Fastenperioden sind ausschließlich Wasser, Tee und Kaffee ohne Milch, Zucker und Süßstoffe erlaubt, da sonst die Fastenperiode (und damit der Autophagie-Prozess) unterbrochen wird.
      LG, dein BodyFast-Team

  8. Vicky Milne Risposta

    I’m in week 3 … the first 2 weeks I lost 8 pounds. I just weighed myself and I put 2 pounds back on. Is this normal?

    • Svenja Taubert Risposta

      Hi Vicky, thanks for your comment.

      It often takes a few days or weeks until your body gets used to the new way of eating. Therefore, it may happen that you don’t achieve positive results immediatly.

      The following tips might be helpful to achieve the desired results:

      + Pay attention to what you eat in your meal times. What do you tolerate, which foods give you a good feeling, which don’t? Change your meal plans according to those feelings.
      + If you have not lost weight, you should extend your fasting times or fast more frequently. That’s exactly what our Coach does: he suggests fasting plans that fit your personal needs and goals.
      + Intermittent Fasting is non of these “miracle diets” that are known to cause yo-yo effects. IF is a long-term change in your diet. So it may take a few weeks to achieve a greater weight loss.
      + In the meal times you should not eat more than usually.
      + Fighting cravings is often not easy, but it’s a good idea to stay active, go for a walk, and drink plenty of water (preferably two glasses).
      + You should reduce your sugar intake and avoid sweeteners – this will also reduce the risk of hunger attacks.
      + Last but not least: Workouts are a miracle weapon. Try to include workout units in your daily life. This will additionally boost fat burning.

      Kind regards, your BodyFast-Team

  9. Angela Graybeal Risposta

    The above tip was very helpful, thank you. I love intermittent fasting, I too see weight loss, well it’s up and down. I too have issues about sweets, love ice cream but being in my fifties it doesn’t love me back. I will as well try to follow a little more restricted routine and eliminate sugar, slowly of course. I only wish is that this bodyfast app could give better fasting plans for people like myself who can’t afford to pay for the coach. I have searched other apps to but this app has the best fasting periods. I am thankful for what free advise and plans that are in this app. Maybe you guys could throw in a few more. Once again thanks for bodyfast.
    I have definitely found a new lifestyle of trying to be healthy and happy with myself.

    • Svenja Taubert Risposta

      Hi Angela, thanks for your feedback and your ideas!

      We really appreciate feedback from our users and bring all those suggestions to our development meetings.
      I’m sure that we can integrate many of those into future versions of the app.

      We work hard to make BodyFast better and better every day.

      Kind regards, your BodyFast-Team

    • Svenja Taubert Risposta

      Hi Izzy, thanks for your comment. Happy BodyFasting! 🙂
      Kind regards, your BodyFast-Team

  10. Sandy Risposta

    Mit welchen Lebensmitteln kann ich meine fastenphasen einfacher machen? Da ich momentan sehr viel stress habe fällt es mir schwer die Zeiten einzuhalten und Tees und Brühe helfen nicht viel?
    Ist zum Beispiel Melone erlaubt?

    • Svenja Taubert Risposta

      Hallo Sandy, danke für deinen Kommentar.
      Während der Fastenperioden sind ausschließlich Wasser, Tee und Kaffee ohne Milch, Zucker und Süßstoffe erlaubt, da sonst die Fastenperiode (und damit der Autophagie-Prozess) unterbrochen wird.
      Liebe Grüße, dein BodyFast-Team

  11. Sylvie Risposta

    Really cool app, thanks for developing. I have already recommended it to 2 people.
    I was already doing intermittent fasting but the app helps and the extra info does not go astray. Keep up the good work! 🙂

    • Svenja Taubert Risposta

      Hi Sylvie, thank you for your positive feedback! We are very happy to hear that you like BodyFast. If you have suggestions for improvement, you can always contact us.
      Happy BodyFasting. 🙂
      Kind regards, your BodyFast-Team

    • Svenja Taubert Risposta

      Hi June, thanks for your comment.
      During your fasting periods please only have pure water, tea and coffee without milk, sugar or sweeteners, as otherwise the autophagy process will be stopped.
      Kind regards, your BodyFast-Team

  12. Ethel Still Risposta

    Do you have to have a coach? Plus I am a very picky eater and I don’t eat hamburgers, but I do like deer meat. Can a person eat tuna fish In the package,?

    • Svenja Taubert Risposta

      Hi Ethel, thanks for your comment.
      The app download is free. Only the Coach subscription will have a monthly fee involved. You’ll find the pricing for your region in the app in the Coach tab before purchasing. The app pricing varies depending on the plan you choose (3/6/12 months).

      The app has a lot of free features, more than most other fasting apps:

      + Choose from 10 different fasting plans like 5-2 or 16-8
      + A fasting timer to track your fasting
      + Multiple notification options to stay on track with your fasting times
      + Track your weight and add notes
      + Detailed statistics on your weight progress, BMI and the way to your goal
      + A large knowledge library about fasting, eating periods and weight loss

      You can always first try the free features and then go for the more effective way of the Coach later. You can find the exact prices for our Coach subscriptions directly in the app in the Coach-tab.

      In the eating periods you can basically eat what you want. This is also the advantage BodyFast has over other weight loss methods. You do not have to count calories or change your meals.

      Instead of counting calories or following specific diet plans, we recommend a simple rule of thumb that will help you develop a natural sense of moderate and healthy portion sizes:

      + One full-size portion of protein-containing foods (meat, eggs, dairy, etc.) and a fist-sized portion of vegetables at each meal.
      + For most meals, a hollow hand full of carbohydrates (pasta, rice, fruits) and a thumb-sized portion of fatty foods like butter, oil, and nuts.
      These figures apply to women, men double the amount.
      Of course, intermittent fasting can also be combined with other diets such as low-carb or ketogenic, ie carbohydrate-limited diet.

      Kind regards, your BodyFast-Team

  13. IVAn Risposta

    Al preparar mi café, suelo ponerle canela en Rajas.
    Es válido durante el ayuno?

    • Svenja Taubert Risposta

      Hola, gracias por tu comentario.
      La canela no es un problema en los períodos de ayuno.
      Un saludo, tu equipo de BodyFast.

    • Jenny M. Risposta

      Hi Pirike,
      Thank you for your feedback. The feature is already live and will help you to measure your progress even better.
      All the best for you!
      Best regards,
      Your BodyFast team

  14. Heather M Risposta

    I’ve been fasting now with the coach for 7 weeks. I lost 16lbs but over the last few days, I’ve gained 4lbs back. I’m not doing anything different. I’m not menstrating. What the heck is going on?

    • Jenny M. Risposta

      Hi Heather,
      There are a lot of factors affecting the body weight, especially the water balance (e.g. salt/caffein intake, time of the day, weather etc.).
      Have you ever taken other body measurements and compared them over time?
      What could also be a good idea is to regularly change your fasting plan to challenge your body and avoid habituation effects.
      All the best for you!
      Best regards,
      Your BodyFast team

  15. Brooke Elder Risposta

    I am really interested in trying this out. Are there any coupon codes to help out with the cost? I am extremely frugal and just can’t fathom paying for it and hating it. I know there are the free ones but I feel if the Coach specializes it to me then I don’t want to have a bad experience by using a free one that won’t necessarily work for me. Or can I try the coach for a month and if I love it subscribe?

    • Svenja Taubert Risposta

      Hi Brooke, thanks for your request.

      Unfortunately, we do not offer trial subscriptions, yet. Please read our user reviews in the App Store or share your experiences with other users in our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/bodyfast/

      However, if you would like to test the coach, I would recommend you to start a 3-month subscription, test it for 14 days, and then decide if you want to keep or revoke it. When subscribing, you have the right to claim a refund within 14 days. Of course, you will get your money back.

      Kind regards, your BodyFast-Team

  16. Gwen Risposta

    Good day! I have been on Body Fast for 25+- weeks., I have lost a lot of cm and very little weight on the scale. I need to take meds in the mornings set time. I can’t take it on my empty tummy and been breaking my fast with a fruit/dried fruit(half apple or 2 dried peaches or quarter banana) I’ve been fine maybe it slowed down my weight loss

    • Svenja Taubert Risposta

      Hi Gwen, thanks for your comment.
      If possible, take your medicine during your eating periods, as otherwise your fasting period will be interrupted. If this is not possible, for example, because the medicine hast to be taken at a fixed time, then we advise taking your pills despite fasting, even if the autophagy process might be stopped by doing so. You’re on the right way 🙂
      Happy BodyFasting.
      Kind regards, your BodyFast-Team

    • Svenja Taubert Risposta

      Hi, thanks for your request. Please refrain from diet drinks while fasting, as those contain artificial sweeteners.
      Kind regards, your BodyFast-Team

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