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  1. Brenda Gray Rispondi

    Refund my money to Apple Card please. The app is a
    Total lie.
    This gives me nothing healthy to eat. Nowhere to put my food calories. It’s a joke

    • Svenja Taubert Rispondi

      We are sorry to hear that you are not happy with the app.
      Be sure we are continuously working on further improving BodyFast and there will be some really awesome updates still this year.
      As Apple has a separate system for billing and payment information, we kindly ask that you visit Apple’s problem reports page: http://reportaproblem.apple.com/. There you can claim your refund.

    • Jenny M. Autore articoloRispondi

      Have a great start and all the best for your journey, Ana! Let us know in case we can help you!

    • Svenja Taubert Rispondi

      Hola Rosa,

      solo puedes cancelar tu suscripción directamente a Apple o Google Play para que no se renueve una vez que expire el plazo.

      Para iPhones/iPads
      Utiliza el siguiente enlace:

      Si no funciona, por favor, ponte en contacto con el departamento de atención al cliente de Apple para obtener más información sobre el estado de tu cuenta y para cancelar la subscripción: https://support.apple.com/contact o llama a su número de asistencia técnica en tu región.

      para teléfonos/tabletas Android
      Utiliza el siguiente enlace y sigue las instrucciones:

    • Svenja Taubert Rispondi

      During your fasting periods please only have pure water, tea and coffee without milk, sugar or sweeteners, as otherwise the autophagy process will be stopped.
      During your eating times you can have whatever you like even though we warmly recommend a healthy diet and lifestyle!

  2. Georgina Rispondi

    What if I am bingeing or eating alot of surgary food all of a sudden and not drinking the required water should I continue or start again?

    • Valerie Dratwa Rispondi

      Hello Georgina,

      We recommend to just keep on going. Make sure you are eating nutritious groceries during your eating periods that make you and your body feel healthy. We suggest to keep a food diary in which you can note how certain meals make you feel (energy level, digestion, mood, etc.).
      If you would like to know more about healthy nutrition, recipes, suggestions and more we recommend checking out our Facebook Groups. 🙂

  3. Cheryl L. Cozart Rispondi

    I am enjoying the IF process and just completed my first week losing 2.5 lbs effortlessly. I do have a question concerning medication. I have been taking all medications during the eating period. I do have medication I must take at bedtime. If my fasting begins at 8 pm, I take my medication around 7:45 pm. Since the medication is time-released, does this interfere with the autophagy process?

    • Valerie Dratwa Rispondi

      Hello Cheryl,
      Thank you for your positive feedback and congratulations on your success! We appreciate your opinion and are glad that BodyFast helps you to achieve your goals. 🙂
      It is always better to take your medicine with your meals: Some medicine might actually result in a change of your insulin level and therefore effectively interrupt the autophagy process that really begins after 12-14 hours of fasting. If this is not possible, for example, because the medicine hast to be taken at a fixed time, then we advise taking your pills despite fasting.
      Your health has the absolute priority!

  4. Sandra Bradtmuller Rispondi

    Hi will you ever be allowing us to have profile picures? Or challenges within the app, or let us keep our own progress photos within? Also I use the Fitbit scale called fit track will that ever be synced so we don’t have to put in our own weight as other apps out there that costs dues have those kind of benefits. I love how this choreographs our weekly fasting times to get us to our goals weekly and gradually changes!! Ty for all y’all do!

    • Valerie Dratwa Rispondi

      Hello Sandra,
      thank you for your feedback and the many amazing ideas you provided! 🙂
      We really appreciate when users give us suggestions on how to improve the App and its features. I am sure we can integrate many of your suggestions into future versions of BodyFast.
      We are working hard on improve BodyFast daily and a lot of new features will be launched in the following weeks! 🙂

    • Valerie Dratwa Rispondi

      Hello Trudie,
      Thank you for using BodyFast! 😊 We can only encourage you to test the app features, start your first weeks and learn to know the many advantages and positive effects of intermittent fasting. We appreciate your feedback! Happy BodyFasting!

  5. Ursula Rispondi

    Hi there,

    I have just started the 14/10 fasting. So far I have managed two 14 hour fasting periods! Yey!

    I am a little worried about the final 2 days of 40h fasting. (If I counted correctly)

    Could you please give me some information as to why the final period is over such a long amount of time? What if I cannot manage? Should I just continue going with 14/10 or should I try the 40h fasting again?

    Many thx in advance

    Best regards
    Ursula from Germany

    • Valerie Dratwa Rispondi

      Hello Ursula,
      first of all congratulations that you got through your first two fasting phases so well. I’m glad to hear that! 🙂
      Regarding your last long fasting phase, I can advise you to please drink enough! That means lots of water, untrained tea and coffee without milk and sugar. Also, it’s important that you keep yourself busy with different things so that you distract yourself a bit and don’t think too much.
      However, if you find that you can’t keep going because your body is giving you decisive signals, please break the fast!
      Your health comes first – because that is the most important thing!
      Happy BodyFasting! 🙂

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