6 commenti su “How to Lose Weight Healthily with Intermittent Fasting – No Diet, Calorie Counting and Stress

    • Svenja Taubert Rispondi

      The BodyFast app is based on the method of intermittent fasting which means eating with breaks, not more and not less. With this healthy and natural form of nutrition, we give our body the time it needs to digest and metabolize food without being disturbed by a constant supply of new intake. This also gives it more room for processes such as fat burning and detoxification, the intensity of which is increased by fasting. Weight loss is more or less a very welcomed positive side-effect of intermittent fasting.
      Give it a try. 🙂 It’s worth it!

    • Valerie Dratwa Rispondi

      Thank you for your feedback! We want to make the lives of our users easier by providing an easy simple guideline to a healthier lifestyle. We are glad to hear that you learned a lot through this article! 🙂

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