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  1. Donna Contestar

    My problem is my nephrologist says no more than 64 oz. per day! I had kidneys that were shutting down last August, had to go into the hospital. That was SCARY!

    • Jenny M. Autor del artículoContestar

      Hi Donna,

      We are sorry to hear that! Our recommendations go for people without pre-existing conditions.
      Everyone else of course needs to speak to his/her doctor first and follow the advice provided bei him/her.

      All the best for you!

  2. A Contestar

    I read one comment that they used the app without purchasing anything and still lost weight. I can’t get past the “coaching plan” which requires a membership with purchase. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Svenja Taubert Contestar

      Thank you for your request! The basic version of our app is free.

      ​The app has a lot of free features, more than most other fasting apps:

      + Choose from 12 different fasting plans like 5-2 or 16-8
      + A fasting timer to track your fasting
      + Multiple notification options to stay on track with your fasting times
      + Track your weight and add notes
      + Detailed statistics on your weight progress, BMI and the way to your goal
      + A large knowledge library about fasting, eating periods and weight loss

      The basic version of our app is and will remain free. If you’re asked in the app to subscribe, you can close the pop-up window by tapping on the “x” button at the top. Afterwards you can continue with the free version.

      • Natalia Contestar

        Hola estoy haciendo el ayuno de 16-8 mi problema es q no puedo tomar el te o cafe totalmente sin azucar lo q hago es endulzarlo un poco con edulcorante trato de usar lo menos posible. Sera q aun asi me da resuñtado?

        • Jenny M. Autor del artículoContestar

          Hola Natalia,

          incluso las más pequeñas cantidades de azúcar o edulcorantes rompen tu ayuno. Los efectos metabólicos positivos como el aumento de la quema de grasa, la limpieza de las células y otros se detienen por el aumento del nivel de insulina.

          Así que si realmente quieres ayunar, debes evitar cualquier aditivo durante el período de ayuno. Prueba diferentes tipos de té y café, ciertamente hay algo para tu gusto 🙂

    • Svenja Taubert Contestar

      Thanks for your request. Sparkling water is totally fine, as long as you don’t add anything to it. 🙂 Pure green tea is fine as well.

  3. Shanna Johnson Contestar

    Love having a water tracker as I have a difficult time keeping track. But, My Water tracker appears to not reset itself at the end of day. Is this normal? Do I need to reset it manually?

    • Jenny M. Autor del artículoContestar

      They are not recommended during fasting as they can nevertheless trigger an insulin reaction due to the sweet taste and cause cravings.

    • Jenny M. Autor del artículoContestar

      Hi Patricia,

      Yes, the juice will break your fast as it contains sugar/calories. Some fruit slices in your water would be fine if you don’t squeeze and/or eat them. This way, the fructose stays inside the cell matrix and you won’t break your fast.

      Happy BodyFasting!

    • Jenny M. Autor del artículoContestar

      Hi Johnnie,
      You actually can switch between ounces and liters. Simply click on the three dots in the top right corner of your water tracker and you’ll have the option to pick the unit you need.
      If you need any further help, feel free to reach out to support@bodyfast.de. Thanks!

  4. Carol Contestar

    If I drink black unsweetened coffee during fasting should I include this as “water” in the tracker, or should I only track plain water ? Also, when in the “eating” part of the cycle should all soft drinks be tracked as if they are water?

    • Svenja Taubert Contestar

      Hola, si es posible, tomes tu medicamento durante tus períodos de alimentación, ya que de lo contrario se interrumpirá tu período de ayuno. Si esto no es posible, por ejemplo, debido a que el medicamento debes tomarte a una hora determinada, le recomendamos que tomes tus pastillas a pesar del ayuno.

      Si no estás seguro de poder cambiar el horario de ingesta, consulte a tu médico.

  5. Jessica Contestar

    HI I have been using body fast for two months now and I have lost 15kg. I have always believed that I could not fast. That I would be too hungry. I started with Keto diet and then tried fasting too. It was not hard. Unbelievable to me!!! I have now done 48 hr fasts with no problems!!! This really was mind blowing. What I have found is that drinking a large portion of water in the morning keeps me from getting hungry.
    I’m so excited to be feeling so good so energized and still be motivated to keep going. It is proving to be the simplest way I have ever lost weight. I have another 50kg to go but this time I have hope I will get there.
    One more thing, I have discovered when I plateau I need to drink more water. For my weight I am having to drink a whooping 4ltrs a day. Quite the challenge in itself!

    • Svenja Taubert Contestar

      Thank you for your positive feedback and congratulations on your success! We appreciate your opinion and are glad that BodyFast helps you to achieve your goals. Happy BodyFasting!

    • ECQ Contestar

      Wow!! Well done!! 👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
      Congrats Jessica!! So inspiring!!
      Was good to read you.
      Thank you for sharing 🙏🏻
      I’m on day 2. 2ndperiod of fasting with the BodyFast coach and learning every day 👍🏻😘
      Keep it up!! You are a winner!! 🏆

  6. RUPINDER Contestar

    How would you assist in calculating calories in Indian foods?are you saying that we dont have to count calories in our eating window?
    Normal two indian meals will do in eating window?what to do if i hit plateau?

    • Svenja Taubert Contestar

      The principle of BodyFast is very simple – you can always skip meals and give your body a break. On the one hand, this results in numerous health effects and, on the other hand, weight loss, which also depends on the frequency and duration of the fasting periods.

      In the eating periods you can basically eat what you want. This is also the advantage BodyFast has over other weight loss methods. You do not have to count calories or change your meals.

      Instead of counting calories or following specific diet plans, we recommend a simple rule of thumb that will help you develop a natural sense of moderate and healthy portion sizes:

      + One full-size portion of protein-containing foods (meat, eggs, dairy, etc.) and a fist-sized portion of vegetables at each meal.
      + For most meals, a hollow hand full of carbohydrates (pasta, rice, fruits) and a thumb-sized portion of fatty foods like butter, oil, and nuts.
      These figures apply to women, men double the amount.
      Of course, intermittent fasting can also be combined with other diets such as low-carb or ketogenic, ie carbohydrate-limited diet.

  7. Silva Hartmann Contestar

    Ich habe bereits gelesen keine Softdrinks als “Wasser” zu tracken, schwarzen Kaffee aber wohl schon (entzieht Kaffee dem Körper nicht eigentlich auch Wasser?). Sollte man im Wassertracker sonstige “Wasseraufnahme” in Form von Tee, Saft, Milch oder Suppe erfassen?

    • Valerie Dratwa Contestar

      Du kannst bzw. darfst alle Getränke welche im Eigentlichen zur Flüssigkeitsaufnahme dienen in den Wassertracker mit aufnehmen. Das heißt Tee und Kaffee ohne Milch bzw. Zucker. Abzuraten mit aufzunehmen sind auf jeden Fall Suppe, Milch und auch Cola, Fanta, etc. sind nicht von Vorteil. Bei der Frage, ob Kaffee dem Körper Wasser entzieht, spalten sich die Meinungen. Denn auch Kaffee zählt zur täglichen Flüssigkeitsbilanz. 🙂

      • Jennifer Contestar

        mi sono abbonata al coach ma mom ho capito se c’è possibilità di parlare con il coach o se l’applicazione la gestisco io?
        perché ho sistemato tutti i miei dati ma non ho nessun coach che mi ha scritto o proposto sfide.vorrei capire come funziona

        • Valerie Dratwa Contestar

          Ciao Jennifer,
          Siamo felici che tu abbia deciso di usare il Coach e di iniziare il tuo viaggio a digiuno con BodyFast. Il Coach è un algoritmo intelligente che il nostro team ha sviluppato in 1,5 anni di lavoro. Se hai bisogno di aiuto da una persona “reale” o hai domande sull’app o sul digiuno a intervalli, puoi sempre contattare il nostro team di supporto (info@bodyfast.de). 🙂

  8. Shanti Contestar

    Thank you for producing this app. I was always thinking and told that fasting was dangerous but after research I am now educated to the real facts. I am working through fasting and still struggling to stay on programs but I keep coming back as fasting makes me feel good. Less aches, more energy, weight control and far less bloating. This is motivating! I think that this app has supported some positive changes in my well being and health.

    • Valerie Dratwa Contestar

      Hello Shanti,
      Thank you for your positive feedback!
      We are very happy to hear that you like BodyFast and your success so far! 🙂
      We are also pleased to hear that you were able to educate yourself with the informations and resources we provide.
      If you have suggestions for improvement, you can always contact us.

  9. John O Contestar

    I am doing the 14/10 skip breakfast fast because I think that’s sustainable for me. Would I get better or faster results with a longer fast? I also exercise 12-15 hours per week. My goal is a BMI of 21.


    • Valerie Dratwa Contestar

      Hello John,
      If what you are currently doing, is sustainable for you and works for you then stick to it. In addition, if it makes you feel great and gives you a lot of energy to work out that much – keep doing it. 🙂
      As long as you stick to your routine you will definitely see results! Don’t be too hard on yourself and focus on staying on track.
      I hope this helps you and gives you some motivation. 🙂
      Happy BodyFasting! 🙂

  10. Scott Contestar

    Hello. I’ve started using the paid version of the app and – so far so good!

    I was wondering however, is drinking sparkling water ok during fasting as an alternative to still water? I can drink still water however I find drinking sparkling water more easier to drink as it’s not so … boring? I hope this makes sense. Thank you 😊

    • Valerie Dratwa Contestar

      Hello Scott,
      it’t great to hear that you like BodyFast so far! We can only encourage to continue in order to fully benefit from the positive aspects of fasting. 🙂
      Of course you can drink sparkling water during your fasting times. Unsweetened tea and coffee without sugar is also acceptable.
      Happy BodyFasting! 🙂

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