¿Qué puedo beber?

Durante los periodos de ayuno, por favor, solamente bebe agua, té o café sin azúcar. De esta forma, el azúcar en tu sangre se regula mejor y tu cuerpo comienza a quemar grasas. Durante los periodos de alimentación, puedes comer lo que desees, aunque siempre es más saludable evitar las bebidas azucaradas o endulzadas.

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  1. Viola Contestar


    Within the app FAQs it is recommended to drink tea/coffee without sugar or milk. Is it related to milk sugar (lactose) or combination of coffee and milk? How about coffee with vegan milk (e.g. spy or almond milk)? Thanks!

    • Svenja Taubert Contestar

      Hi Viola, everything that contains calories will break your fast, so it is irrelevant which kind of milk you use, all kinds will break your fast.
      Kind regards, your BodyFast-Team

  2. Viola Contestar


    Is it ok to put a slice of lemon or lime in the water I drink during fasting periods? Do you have some tips on 36 hrs fast, any special recommendations? Thanks in advance!

    • Svenja Taubert Contestar

      Hi Viola, thanks for your request.

      A small slice of lemon or lime is just fine. However, don’t use more as lemons and limes contain sugar that might break your fast.

      We recommend having only pure water, coffee and tea when fasting for 24 or 36 hours, as otherwise the process of autophagy can be disturbed.

      If you decide to consume up to 500 calories on those days, make sure that you do not eat for at least 16-18 hours.

      Happy BodyFasting!

    • Svenja Taubert Contestar

      Hi Kerry, thanks for your request.
      All kinds of tea are just fine as long as they don’t contain sugar, sweeteners or milk.
      Kind regards, your BodyFast-Team

    • Jenny M. Contestar

      Hi Paula,

      We don’t recommend any beverages during the fasting period. They can all affect your insulin level (no matter if they contain calories or not) and therefore break your fast.
      During your fasting period, please only have pure water, tea or coffee. In your eating window you can have whatever you like 🙂

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