Where can I find other BodyFasters?

Find like-minded people and exchange ideas with thousands of BodyFasters in our Facebook groups or on our Instagram channels. That is pure motivation!

Can I end a week early?

Of course, this is possible if there are important reasons for it. But remember: Perseverance is usually worthwhile and leads you to your goal.

Why does a week last 8 days?

On the 8th and last day of your fasting plan, you end the week and plan and start the new one. This way there are no gaps.

What does the free version offer me?

In the free version of the app, you have more than 10 fasting plans, a fasting timer with reminders and an area for your statistics including a water tracker. You …

What advantages does BodyFast offer me?

The app accompanies you on your way to your personal goals, more health and well-being. With week-based plans, reminders and your statistics, you get structure and variety and can track …