How to Become Happy with Intermittent Fasting


Did you have a specific goal in mind when starting intermittent fasting? Losing weight, looking fresher or becoming healthier?

Most people put their focus on their bodies. But intermittent fasting also affects your mental well-being. Yes, intermittent fasting can trigger feelings of happiness!

In this blog post you will learn more about the underlying processes.


Why does intermittent fasting make you happy?

Conscious breaks from eating trigger many health-promoting processes in your body. They do not only make us feel better on a physical but also on a mental level!

1. Intermittent fasting helps you improve the way you feel about your body.

Fasting teaches you to listen to your body’s signals and to read them properly. One example is the sense of hunger many people lose due to constant eating. By taking conscious breaks, your body learns to identify actual hunger and real need for energy – or the lack thereof. By the way, you also reduce food cravings.

Another great side effect: After fasting, food tastes much more intense and therefore especially good.

2. Intermittent fasting helps you to find your inner balance.

Intermittent fasting can help you become more balanced and satisfied in the long run.

Taking regular breaks from eating helps you to focus on your needs and reflect on yourself. Over time, you’ll develop a better sense of your needs. And you’ll learn to allow yourself breaks when needed. You realize: It doesn’t always have to be the fast lane. It’s perfectly okay to do things at your pace. As a result, you are less stressed and strengthen your inner balance.

3. Intermittent fasting boosts your performance.

When fasting, your body switches into some kind of economical metabolism. When this mode is activated, many amazing things take place.


  • make sure that your brain cells can regenerate optimally,
  • promote nerve growth in your brain,
  • and thus increase your ability to concentrate.

More productivity and better focus are no surprise then. And the good feeling of a completed to-do list is your bonus on top.

4. Intermittent fasting strengthens your self-control and gives you a sense of safety.

Each fasting trains your ability to resist cravings, temptations, and the impulse to eat. This strengthens your willpower in the long run and boosts your self-confidence. After all, you realize you can really make it. Every fasting period you complete is a small victory.

5. Intermittent fasting is your natural mood booster.

Fasting releases the happy hormone serotonin, an absolute mood booster! It helps you become calmer and open to new perceptions. By the way, certain psychotropic drugs trigger a very similar effect. Intermittent fasting can make you feel like being high – in a positive sense.


Intermittent fasting: Your key to happiness?

As you can see: Intermittent fasting has much more to offer than the physical effects alone. It can help you bring your body and mind back into harmony.

Intermittent fasting is your key to more satisfaction and balance.

That’s why we love intermittent fasting!


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