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Now you are ready for your journey to more health and happiness.

With intermittent fasting, a whole new attitude towards life is waiting for you.

What’s the next step?

Get the support from the Coach and benefit from…

  • effective fasting programs,
  • personalized fasting plans,
  • supportive weekly tasks
  • and daily motivational Coachings.

…or start off with a free fasting plan (e.g. 16/8). 

You can get the support from the Coach anytime.

BodyFast also reminds you of your fasting times and your regular water intake – the basis for successful fasting.

With detailed statistics (BMI, weight, body measurements) you always keep an eye on your progress.

How does the Coach help me?

The Coach is your personal companion, no matter if you are a beginner or already have experience with intermittent fasting.

Based on your personal information and goals, he creates your individual fasting program and always adapts it to your progress and needs.

For even better results, the Coach provides weekly challenges on nutrition, exercise and mindfulness for a healthy lifestyle. And with the daily Coachings, you’ll get the knowledge and extra motivation you need for your journey. 

What counts for us is that you feel well and comfortable in your skin. Do it for yourself!

Where can I find additional support?

Share your experiences with like-minded people in our Facebook group, get healthy recipe ideas and motivation.

Also follow us on Instagram for helpful tips around intermittent fasting. 

The most important questions are answered in the knowledge tab of the app and also in the FAQs and blog on our website. Our support team is always there for you as well:

This will make your start a successful one!

Your BodyFast team