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Guided intermittent fasting with Coach

Enjoy guided and personalized intermittent fasting – with your personal Coach! Our intelligent Coach calculates your individual week plan based on your progress and goals. You’ll succeed very quickly and feel the difference!  As a Coach subscriber, you may also choose from 50 different fasting plans manually.

Countless free features

Choose popular fasting methods like 16-8 or 5-2, receive notifications for your fasting times and track your weight daily. Detailed statistics give you a great overview on your BMI, your fasting history and your way to your dream weight.

Become part of the community!

In our Facebook group there are thousands of BodyFast users discussing their experience and success stories. Here you can ask all questions, find similar-minded users, swap recipes and tips.

Weekly challenges

As a Coach subscriber you get additional weekly tasks which lead you to a healthier lifestyle and more fitness. Each week is different and holds a new challenge for you. Feel the fantastic effect! Abstain from sugar, go for regular walks, do small workouts – the Coach will lead you to a completely different life full of energy and less weight.

Stay motivated

BodyFast motivates you to keep going! Intermittent fasting is no one-time wonder diet with a yo-yo effect. It’s a long-term change of your eating habits. BodyFast will remind you to keep up your fasting periods, gives you tips on how to succeed and the Coach motivates you with additional knowledge and information on your progress.

More health

The BodyFast method works. Countless studies prove it. And you can eat what you want! You live healthier, decrease your risk of getting diabetes or cardiovascular diseases, alleviate allergies and stay young. Sounds to good to be true? Read about the scientific studies on our Blog!

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